The first in-depth ‘Garden Light LED’ interview with OUR very own Frontman Kyle McKelvy. 

Kyle is on-target to do over $1 Million in sales in 2016 with three fixtures from the Garden Light LED line-up.

Garden Light LED is dedicated to a strong nation dealer distribution strategy.

This is an extensive discussion with Kyle McKelvy about his business success and his relationship with Garden Light LED. Kyle has a passion for business and a desire to share his knowledge to help others grow theirs.

(Kyle laughs) How do you want me to answer that? I’ll shoot straight, I will say the things that Garden Light LED does better than anyone else and helps us with most, is understanding the development of technology and how you guys do it yourselves.

It’s the Garden Light LED product line, resources, the shear knowledge of LED technology and having unlimited access to your in-house LED engineers.

You know, I can talk to your engineer and take all of his super technical LED language, then break it down and present it to our clients, giving them something that makes sense to them. The shear knowledge about LEDs in general that you provide, is something and I can go up to anybody in our industry, talk to them and give them information they never even heard of.

Garden Light LED actually develops their own technology and you know why your doing what your doing.

I can go to a client and tell them why Garden Light LEDs lights are better than FX, Vista, Kichler or Aurora. I explain to them in layman terms what Garden Light LED does that’s better, what they can expect from other lights and what the long-term benefits are.

Plus, you can never discredit Reto (Garden Light CEO), with his blind belief in me since day one. That is the most immeasurable and invaluable thing that has changed my life for the better.

I treat my business like a business rather than a one-man show. The one man show approach is common and I see it all the time in the construction/design-contracting industry. I’ve developed a team for each area of my business knowing realistically there was now way I could grow into what I am today by being the designer, sales person, production/installation and service team. I have grown a team in each of these areas, so I can run a company with 25 employees and service my clients properly.
Being able to work with everybody and doing it on their terms. It has hurt us in the past, in order to work with architects, top designers and other top people in the industry, I’ve needed learn to work with them on their terms. At times, this means letting my design ideas go to better service the client.
Selling my designs. The fun and kind of the cool part of this business is the design phase, but the designs do not mean anything till someone buys it. We can do everything we want to do in the design, but if the customer doesn’t buy it or accept you to do the work, it doesn’t mean anything until it happens and is brought to life.

Keeping room in our tanks. You work with other companies in the contracting industry and they may not be as organized, professional or on your same level emotionally. We train our guys to keep room and the capacity in their tanks to work well with people they encounter that do not. Example: A concrete company calls me the night before to install lights so they can pour the next day (he is one of the most successful concrete pourers in our area) yet he works very on the spot and sporadically and I need to be there ready to respond and make things happen no matter what is going on in my personal life.


It hard to lead people and for your company to grow, you need leadership. It is impossible to grow your company if you are wrapped up in production and sales stuff all the time.

Delegating time properly to “work on the business not in the business”. Its an ART!

Shear volume standpoint is the V3 Light – in Architectural Bronze. My favorite most versatile fixture, the one fixture we use almost every time….the Mini Well Light.

When it comes to Path lights P10 is my favorite because it is different than any other path fixture on the market. You can light a path visually the way you see it, rather than having definite shapes on the ground. Path lights are typically either traditional or modern and emit artificial circles of light. The P-10 offers a design aspect you rarely ever see, it’s a light source the way you see light.

Garden Light LED provides unbelievable access to the owners, engineers, production staff, sales and customer service teams.

Garden Light LED is a direct source. People have no clue the value in being able to talk to the company and being able to deal with the company that actually makes the lights as opposed to going through a middleman. No middleman!

Pricing Wise-Value, the product you guys offer is insane! Architectural grade LED lighting fixtures at a fraction of the cost of what they are going to pay from a manufacturer like BK Lighting or an Aura. You are getting the same fixture quality with better LED technology at a lower price.

I have never shown an Architect or Landscape Architect a Garden Light LEDfixture that didn’t like, that didn’t love, not one time and we have met with hundreds of them. Everybody loves it!!!!


The first in-depth ‘Garden Light LED’ interview with OUR very own Frontman Derek Sullivan. 

LED Landscape Lighting Designer & Electrical Contractor, South Florida

Garden Light LED is dedicated to a strong nation dealer distribution strategy.

This is an extensive discussion with Derek Sullivan about his business success and his relationship with Garden Light LED. Derek has a passion for business and a desire to share his knowledge to help others grow theirs.

Garden Light LED honors their warranty. You guys backup your products!

I have incredible access to GLLED engineers and their decades of knowledge and experience in LED technology. I confidently walk into any environment, architects, specifiers or electricians knowing as much or more than they do. When I meet with the “experts”, I find myself becoming the educator on LED.

You guys are industry innovators. When collaborating, we find immediately solutions and make necessary changes quickly. I’m able to convey needs in the market or present new product concepts instantly; this is thrilling for me as a designer/installer working with the technology.

I trust you guys; I’ve bought fixtures from other manufacturers and I’ve been burned. I value my relationship with the owners this means more than anything! I feel privileged to receive fixtures for testing in the field before they are released to other dealers.
Designing the lighting systems for me is a gift, during daylight hours I’m able to visualize what the lighting affects will be in the darkness.

I’m not a salesman, if compared to other salesman I’m atrocious! I thoroughly explain what I’m going to do and why, customers like it! I’m true to the design process. My commitment to exceed the customer’s expectations every time is a primary factor. I’m not just trying to sell them because I think they’ll buy.

I had to overcome the assumed obstacles to work on commercial projects. I had to figure out how to navigate those objectives and create those relationships. It turned out all the stuff I needed, I had.

Sifting through what has merit and what does not, that’s why I love GLLED, you guys are straightforward, I know what’s being built and what’s going on to improve the product. You don’t get that anywhere else.

My biggest challenge is finding quality people so I can expand. Currently, we have 7 on staff. In reality, I need 14 to maintain the current workflow of what we have right now. Yard Sentry needs people that have the same work ethic and take extreme pride in what they are doing just as I do.
V3 and X-light, Garden Light LED fixtures are the best. In terms of quality and value, I’d say you are similar to Aura, but I feel the prices blow them away.
The benefits of the accessibility GLLED offers, this is a huge advantage and not available through any other manufacturers. You guys absolutely push the envelope on technology. GLLED is moving forward and not clinging to old generations of technology.