Halogen Products

Garden Light offers a full assortment of high-grade halogen bulbs, with a variety of different wattage’s and degree spreads sure to meet your landscaping needs. Halogen bulbs have been the genesis of low-voltage landscape lighting systems for neatly two decades. Their deep-rooted attributes for reliability, function and affordable price point have standardized a concept we call architectural lighting.

Halogen low-voltage landscape lighting fixtures are the cornerstone of low-voltage outdoor lighting and have played over-arching factor in evoking an industry boom, making the outdoor lighting industry desired and successful. It continues to be a leading outdoor lighting option for many. Our halogen line of products is manufactured around the world. Garden Light LED’s most famous halogen lighting fixtures are the F7150 and F777, with several million units sold. Halogen is considered the steppingstone to LED lighting systems. Halogen fixtures provide a low cost of entry and are considered a traditional standard for landscape lighting in the industry.